Frequently Asked Questions

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What is therapy?

Therapy is a process in which a therapist and a client (you) work together as a team to resolve a problem that is bothersome. Therapy is based on a foundation of trust between you and your therapist and is considered a partnership in which you have a safe space to express yourself and your therapist is a guide to help you alleviate the problem. Whatever the problem may be, you and your therapist work together toward a solution that fits your situation.

How will therapy be helpful to me?

Therapy can be helpful to have someone provide alternate points of view on a subject that you have not thought about. Further, therapy provides a space where you can speak about the problem without judgement. Sometimes, this is more helpful than anything else. Therapy provides different options and resources that you might not have considered, and it is also a space of learning where the skills learned can be used for the rest of your life in many different situations.

What can I expect from therapy?

It has been found that once the problem is discussed initially, you tend to feel better as the weight has been lifted. After, the work begins. Ideally, this means that you could grow as a person as you are working through the problem that brought you to therapy. This could also mean that those around you change as well because the relationship dynamic between you changes. This change can be both positive and negative, and both are discussed in therapy. It is a byproduct that those in your life could change as well because you have influence over them. Put simply, by coming to therapy, you and your environment could change as a result of working on what is bothering you in your life.

What are your rates?

My current rate is $125/hour. Financial assistance is available, if needed – just let me know.

Typically, each session will last for one hour, but extra time can be added for an additional fee (billed by the half-hour).

If you are private pay, you have the right to receive a Good Faith Estimate of services for a year. We will discuss this during your initial consultation and it will be provided before your first appointment. For more information, click here.

Is therapy mandatory?

No. You can begin therapy, but decide to stop therapy at any time. I do recommend, however, that you have a conversation with your therapist about your thoughts on this prior to leaving. This conversation provides a smooth transition out of therapy (it provides an opportunity for setting up follow ups) and provides an opportunity to discuss any barriers that prevent therapy from happening.

How long will therapy last?

I cannot tell you exactly how long your therapy will last. Your therapeutic journey is your own and can take many twists and turns. Depending on what you are working on and how life affects that process, it is impossible to give a timeline. However, what I can say is that your time in session will be used wisely and will be used to further your journey towards healing.

Is therapy confidential?

Therapy is confidential except for three circumstances. First, if you discuss any instance of abuse or neglect of a child, elderly person, or person with a disability. Second, if you state that you are in imminent danger of killing yourself or someone else. Finally, if you are involved in an open court case in which your counseling records are subpoenaed by the court. All of these will be discussed further during the first session.

What if others ask about my progress in therapy?

Your progress in therapy is confidential. The few exceptions are if you are a risk to yourself or others or if you are coming to therapy because it is required of you. Otherwise, I will only talk to someone else about your therapeutic progress if you give me written permission to do so. This will be discussed in therapy as well.

How does the first session go?

The first session is a “get to know you” session. I have my intake forms on my website for you to fill out in advance so that I do not have to ask you those while meeting with you. I might have some follow up questions to your responses, but mostly, I want to get to know you as a person, what brings you to my office, and how I can help you.

How do I know if I picked the right therapist?

Choosing the right therapist is key to a successful therapeutic process. Don’t be afraid to ask us questions! Ask us what experience we have and how we do things. If you do not feel comfortable talking with your current therapist, it is fine to find someone else. We will not be offended! We want you to have a therapeutic experience in which you feel safe, heard, and that is with a person that you trust. Research us, ask about us, and don’t settle until you feel like you have the right one. For some, they know when they have found the right one when therapy is like having a conversation. For others, they know when they can talk without being interrupted or when they leave with something they can use. Ask yourself, what kind of therapist do I want?

Do you accept insurance?

Yes! I currently accept the following plans:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
United Health Care

I also accept EAPs through Cigna and OptimaHealth.

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